Georgia Paris

Georgia Paris

Georgia Paris

Georgia Paris has had a long and winding musical journey since the 1970’s.
In 1979, she sang back up vocals on an album with the Bronin Hogman Band from New England, and then went off to be in several bands, performing back- ups and lead vocals.
In 2007, two of her songs were picked up by Chuck Tennin, of Big Fish Music in Los Angeles.

The two songs entitled “Writing On the Wall” and “So Fragile” are available for download purchases on their Big Fish Music web site.

She was also featured in the 2016 Songwriter’s Market book as a Research Specialist with Big Fish Music as well.

One her songs will be featured on The Star Walkers CD by GK Holland-author and creator of the project.

Georgia recently recorded a poem for published author, Ruby Lee Whitehurst, and collaborated with Dublin’s ZiZi Martins, an award winning guitarist, producer and composer.

This song entitled: “Love’s Soft Voice” will be part of the upcoming movie and CD soundtrack for the Two Nations project.

Georgia also did some promo work for Thomas R. Bond, producer and writer of Red Man’s View, an upcoming movie.
Currently, Georgia is involved in a project with world wide celebrities and well known locals, entitled “World Peace For Animals” with author and publisher, Lois Chazen of Turtle Dove Publications.

Georgia is the Project Coordinator and may help with the marketing as well.
Georgia co-wrote a song entitled:”Runs Like The Thunder” with Lois (set forth with a melody, produced, engineered by Keith Symes of UK’s The Strawkites), which will be featured in their upcoming CD’s as well as the DVD.
Georgia recorded one of the tracks with Keith Symes, a guitarist, keyboardist, from The Strawkites , and John Heinrich from the Ronnie Milsap Band and world renowned saxophonist Reggie Lafaye.
A song entitled “Twilight Night” which is a remake of Silent Night is being considered for a Christmas performance at a well established theater.
Georgia works with Keith Symes and Jason Walker from The Strawkites as a vocalist and lyricist, as well as working on occasional tracks with other musicians.
She feels that since there is so much competition in the music entertainment field, that it doesn’t hurt to educate yourself in all aspects of the industry.
She is truly grateful for all of the musicians that have come into her life as well as Lois Chazen!

Georgia received the news that a very prominent touring European artist, Ian Parry, Ian Parry has written a song about Georgia’s on-going struggles in life in general as well as breaking into the music industry.

The CD will be released later this year (2017).
She is so honored to be working with the Strawkites, and all of the musicians listed above. They have become her family.

Georgia is thrilled to be working with UK’s The Strawkites: Keith Symes guitarist and keyboardist, as well as Jason Walker-guitarist.
We are working on on-going tracks that are originals with my vocals and lyrics.
Keith Symes and Jason Walker are amazing. I appreciate all the effort that Keith puts into his tracks, videos, and being one of my best friends and technical mentor. If it wasn’t for Keith, I wouldn’t be doing what I do today. He’s a true artist, and I appreciate his creativity and friendship.

Jack Servello from the “World Peace For Animals” project , and Georgia are working on putting instrumentals and vocals to some of Georgia’s original songs.

” My ultimate dream for 2017 to write and produce a water song with the talented artistry of Georgia Paris, a true heart, a warrior with her spirit energy of light and peace!” – Raven Hernandez of Redbone

Georgia is currently working with musician, Jay Jourden on a Navajo video project for Navajo artist: Johnson Yazzie. Johnson is one of the top Navajo artists in this country. Jay has shared the stage with many well known artists as well and they will continue to work on projects, recordings, and maybe some live performances in the future.
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